Arkansas coaching rumors abound

Phillip Fulmer in Arkansas gear

Phillip Fulmer to Arkansas? Apparently that is one of the latest rumors circulating around the interwebs.

The list now includes, Gus Malzahn, Gary Patterson, Steve Mariucci, and, according to John Daly, John Gruden. Fulmer is currently unemployed, which makes him an even more attractive candidate. NO BUYOUT! NO REGRET!

Fulmer also brings a ton of SEC experience, recruiting knowledge, and a national championship (152-52 overall record).

One of Fulmer’s former assistants told a Nashville, Tennessee radio show that the Razorbacks have spoken to Fulmer. Doug Matthews, who worked with Fulmer at Tennessee, told 3HL on WGFX-FM that Arkansas had contacted Fulmer after Petrino was fired on April 10th.

“I know Phillip has had conversations with them,” Matthews told the radio show. “And when I say with them, all that is going to take place behind the scenes.

“But everything I’m hearing from Arkansas is the spring game, I think, is this Saturday. ‘Let’s get through spring. Let’s see where we are.’ But I think they’ll either go with a guy that they’ve got on the staff or they’ll bring in someone to be — caretaker’s the wrong word — but bring someone in who has been through it all before.

“If there is a place for Phillip, that will be the place.”

Fulmer, in true SEC coach fashion,  later denied any contact with Arkansas. What a surprise! But he did offer his opinion of the job…HINT HINT Jeff Long.

“I have not been contacted by Arkansas,’’ Fulmer said. “But I think Arkansas is a great place.’’

“When I left Tennessee, I was asked if I would coach again, and I said I would consider it if it was at a place where I could compete for a championship,” Fulmer said. “Arkansas does qualify as that kind of place, as there is a very solid foundation there.”

The Fulmer rumor isn’t the most interesting that has surfaced though, Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has apparently also been contacted….OH THE RUMORS. I don’t really think Carroll would leave the Seahawks this quickly, he isn’t the Petrino/Saban type and has stuck it out in the NFL before, not to mention, the Seahawks have some potential going into the 2012 season. FLYNN FOR THE WIN!