Arkansas fans have some interesting names for their donors

The University of Arkansas’ Razorback Foundation has some very interesting names for their donor levels, and I LOVE THEM!

I particularly like “Big Red”, which will get you some pretty good stuff.

Big Red donors receive: ticket priority for pledges made prior to deadline, a Razorback decal, media guides, your name in football game day program, a preferred parking spot, and a football calendar that can be picked up down the street at the gas station.

Each level comes with more perks, with the highest level of Hog donorship being “Super Hog”, and that nets you a Razorback lapel pin, that I imagine looks like the one below! Obviously, every Hog fan needs one of these, so donate people!

Arkansas Razorback lapel pin

Pig Suey!

There are levels that go above the “Super Hog”, but they really half as fun.

Arkansas Razorback donor levels

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