Auburn Tigers don’t care for LSU Tiger’s trash talk

LSU Tigers fullback J.C. Copeland

LSU fullback J.C. Copeland took a few shots at Auburn a few months after LSU destroyed Auburn at home 45 – 10 last season while on their way to a BCS championship appearance. His comments didn’t go unnoticed though because now Auburn players have responded.

Copeland mentioned that Auburn’s defensive players were moving out of the way of the bruising back.

“After the first couple of hits, everybody (on Auburn’s defense) was just backing up. They didn’t want to hit at all. (…) Before I got to them, they just fell down and just laid on the ground,” Copeland said. “I actually said, ‘C’mon man, you’re better than that. C’mon, hit me.’ That was like the only game I went home and had no nicks and bruises at all.”

Auburn players Corey Lemonier and Demetruce McNeal said Copeland’s comments were mentioned by the coaching staff this week and will be their billboard material.

“It’s just a huge disrespect to us and what we stand for,” Lemonier said. “We’re just going to use that as momentum going in there firing and just use it as motivation for ourselves.”

While Lemonier says that Copeland’s comments were “a huge disrespect”, McNeal said there was no way that Auburn players were jumping out of the way of the LSU running backs to avoid getting hit.

“We wouldn’t be in the SEC if we had guys jumping out of the way,” McNeal said. “Everybody can look on tape and see for themselves. Let me know just one person that jumped out of the way of a guy who was running the ball last year.”

Auburn will get a chance to prove that they are better than they appear this weekend when they host the number 2 LSU Tigers in Jordan-Hare Stadium. LSU brings with them a slew of bruising running backs who will be looking to continue to run over the Auburn defense.

LSU’s running backs have a total of 12 touchdowns lead by Kenny Hilliard with 6. Their rushing offense ranks 13th in the country with an average of 277 yards per game.

Auburn’s rushing defense is ranked 107th in the country allowing on average 217 yards per game.

Note: LSU’s Zach Mettenberger has a completion percentage of 70%. Auburn’s Kiehl Frazier has a completion percentage of 50%.

Good luck Tigers.