Bo Pelini tells recruit “best of luck, you’re going to need it”

Nebraska Cornhuskers head coach Bo Pelini

Nebraska Cornhusker’s head coach Bo Pelini has found himself in the spotlight after supposedly showing his temper to a recruit that changed his mind and decided to back out of his commitment to Nebraska  for Auburn instead.

Former Cornhusker recruit Dominic Walker recounted to the Orlando Sentinel that Pelini told him “best of luck, you’re going to need it”.

“It was a very tough decision. They were [mad]. They were very mad. But I thought I had to call them like a real man should,” Walker said. “But yeah, they were mad. Coach Pelini said, ‘Best of luck, you’re going to need it.’ “

This isn’t the first time that Pelini has shown his temper towards a player, but it is the first we’ve heard of Pelini ripping a recruit.

Pelini wasn’t the only coach on the phone call as wide receivers coach Rich Fisher also made a comment:

“Coach Fisher said, ‘I can’t believe you,’ ” Walker said. “It was really awkward.”

“There’s more opportunity for my family to see me play because it’s closer to home and there’s a better chance for me to go in and play right away, which is what I was looking for all along,” Walker said Friday night after making the announcement that he would be joining teammate and fellow wide receiver Tony Stevens as newly committed Tigers. “Plus, I get to play another four years with my  teammate Tony and that’s great … everything is just great.”

God forbid an 18-year-old kid change his mind and decide to stay closer to home.

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