Bowling Green student mistakes lab equipment for KKK on school’s campus


A Bowling Green student apparently freaked out when she saw a white sheet draped over some lab equipment on the school’s campus.

Instead of deleting the tweet, which was debunked by the school’s president, this girl has decided to leave it up for no other reason than to stir a pot that doesn’t even exist.

Now we’re not here to call anyone out for being racist, but automatically assuming that a sheet draped over some lab equipment is a KKK movement on your school’s campus has to be up there in the dumbest of dumb awards.

Not to mention when the president of the university calls you out and then you follow that up by saying that the KKK is definitely active on your campus, you look like a complete moron.

Maybe next time walk up to the window and get a closer view because more than likely there is not a KKK rally taking place in a classroom on your school’s campus, and if there is you should definitely call the cops.