Brad Wing penalized for celebrating – and our first post


The most ridiculous rule in college football was broken by an Australian today. The rule of celebrating before scoring a touchdown was changed this season to where if a player celebrates BEFORE entering the endzone, the penalty is applied at that point.

Personally, unbiased opinion, I believe this to be a crummy rule. I don’t care who you are, who you play for, or what the score is, these kids are in college and should be allowed to express emotion to some extent. I don’t believe standing over a player after he’s been layed out on a play should be allowed, nor do I believe that diving into the endzone when no one is around should be allowed, but upon watching the Brad Wing play again, the kid barely moved his arms out and then realized, “I have to score” and he is penalized for that.

NCAA rules being set by people that have never played organized sports make me angry.