Danny Kanell claims Alabama is the 5th best team in the country

Danny Kanell, who is now employed by FS1, is possibly the biggest loser who has a platform to speak. The man has made a living out of saying ridiculous things and bashing the SEC, which is fine and all but he also pumps out baseless and stupid opinions.

On Sunday, Kanell released his…absolutely pointless…college football top 10. I’ll just let you read them for yourself.

That’s right. Kanell has undefeated Alabama, who hasn’t exactly played that tough of a schedule but has been in just about every championship game since Saban arrived, at FIFTH.

Now, this is a LSU blog where we support the Tigers, but when this came across our radar we had to point out what a loser this ACC homer is.

Having Georgia at number 1 would be understandable right now, but having Bama behind three one-loss teams, including Clemson (ACC) who lost to unranked Syracuse, is just a joke. This man’s opinion should not count for anything and luckily, just like ours, it doesn’t.