Detroit possibly a host site for BCS Championship, Big 10 fans rejoice

Since the BCS Championship game will now possibly be bid on, there are several sites that definitely want to be considered. Obviously, the Fiesta, Orange, Rose, and Sugar Bowls will be considered, but also the Cotton will probably throw their name in and Detroit has come out and said, through Roger Penske, they are interested.

Ford Field snow

Detroit has hosted the Super Bowl, Final Four, and the Indianapolis 500.

“Things that are important and exciting in sports are things we need to do and we need to bring to our city,” Penske said. “There are a lot of people who have momentum and want to be able to extend some of the good things that are happening in our city. And sports are obviously a great platform.”

Pensky, when asked if he would be on board if Detroit put in a bid, “Absolutely,” he said. “I would, absolutely.”

This should please the Big 10 fans to an extent, but I’m not sure if they’ll be entirely thrilled about it considering Ford Field is a dome (gasp).

What Big 10 fans are looking for is a chance to bring the SEC teams up North to play in the cold, possibly snow, so that they can claim to expose their weaknesses. (looking at you @PinkBelt)

Ducks fly South for a reason.

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