Devin White: Alabama not a rivalry because, “I’m 0-1 against them.”

The LSU-Alabama game has become quite the rivalry game and while it’s technically NOT a rivalry, the two teams have battled for the SEC West for years now and most seasons come down to this game when deciding who gets to go to Atlanta for the SEC Championship.

But, LSU LB Devin White doesn’t see it as a rivalry…

“It’s a big game but it’s not a rivalry game to me,” White said. “A rivalry game is someone that you beat back and forth. I’m 0-1 against them. We have to go in there and do what we have been doing the past couple weeks… just playing LSU Football.

“At the end of the day, both schools put a lot of players in the NFL. We respect each other but when your on the field there’s no friendship with any team.”

So White, who has only face Alabama once, doesn’t consider the game a rivalry game because the two teams haven’t beaten each other since he’s been on campus. Maybe if the Tigers win next week White will realize how big the game actually is.