EXTRA! EXTRA! Michigan Recruit Dislikes Buckeyes!!!

Michigan OL recruit Logan Tuley-Tillman is a Wolverine. This 6′ 7″ tackle received a recruiting letter from Urban Meyer’s the Ohio State Buckeyes. In jest, Tuley-Tillman did his part to heat up the rivalry by burning his recruiting letter from that school in Ohio and tweeting a picture of the engulfed envelope. The Michigan recruit also tweeted #goblue and #beatohio.

“There have been a couple of death threats,” the Peoria, Ill., O-lineman told Dr. Saturday. “And they’ve been sending my mom messages on Facebook. I just told her you can’t listen to it because it’s one of the biggest rivalries in sports.”

“I got threats coming at me from everywhere — death threats. I got somebody telling me he wants me to burn in hell. I got somebody talking about the Holocaust.” said the 17-year-old Tuley-Tillman. “Why, ’cause I burned your team’s envelope? Stuff like that I don’t understand. It takes a lot of emotion for someone to do that, just over an affiliation to a school. But you know what? God bless ’em. I’m moving on.”

Wheaton's Law

The Ohio State/Michigan rivalry is arguably the greatest rivalry in college athletics. Some are claiming Tuley-Tillman had it coming. Really? This is a 17-year-old kid receiving death threats. I love rivalries and I enjoy trash talking people who support “inferior” teams. But sending death threats to a minor child makes you a coward not a fan.

Harrison Watson, a Ohio State alum, pledged to pay “$2,000 to whoever sidelines this kid permanently,” What an asshole. This is why we can’t have nice things. In fairness Watson has recanted his bounty and pledged to donate that $2000 to the University of Michigan, “to be used toward increasing the already spectacular educational programs.” There may be hope for mankind yet.