Florida man’s trip to a bar includes: $80 tab, a fire, and punching several people in the face

Florida man

Jason Buchanan’s trip to a bar in South Daytona resulted in him being charged with multiple crimes. It really just sounds like Buchanan was trying to get something off his chest. Unfortunately it involved hitting several people in the face, burning things, and $80 worth of shots!

According to investigators, Buchanan, 33, downed all the shots and then set fire to a trash can in the bar’s men’s room.

When Buchanan went to leave, multiple people tried to stop him. Police said he punched them all in the face, including one man over 70 years old.

Buchanan is charged with:

  1. Criminal mischief (less than $200)
  2. Aggravated battery
  3. Defraud inkeeper under $300
  4. Assault on a law enforcement officer
  5. Battery on a person 65 or older
  6. First-degree arson of a building with people present

Epic night. (Apologies to those injured.)

[via mynews13]