Geniuses stole $6 million in jewels at midnight on New Years in NYC

Look, it’s tough being a criminal mastermind nowadays. Security cameras are everywhere and everyone has a cellphone with a camera on it so it makes stealing shit nearly impossible. These three dudes though, damn were they on point! One of them was so confident that he decided not to go the route of Point Break and didn’t wear a mask concealing his face! That takes some balls and the confidence that you know you’re going to be chilling on a beach somewhere the next day because you’ve planned this one out for a while!

Via the New York Post:

A trio of Midtown burglars waited for the stroke of midnight to pull off a $6 million New Year’s Eve heist, law enforcement sources said Monday.

“They laid in wait until the ball dropped,” said a law enforcement source.

The three hooded and masked men broke into a West 36th Street jewelry wholesaler at 12:01 a.m. Sunday in what appears to be an inside job — while 7,000 cops were distracted protecting Times Square revelers just a few blocks away.

The source said the thieves “100 percent” planned the heist to coincide with the ball drop.

They made off with around $6 million in gems and are still at large, police sources said.

Considering there was a lot of noise not only at the stroke of midnight but leading up to and following and all the police were preoccupied on the streets of NYC, these guys pulled off a brilliant move.