Houston hires Major Applewhite as next head coach

We told you we didn’t think Lane Kiffin would be the next head coach at Houston yesterday when USA Today’s Dan Wolken reported the Cougars were closing in on him.

We aren’t sold on Wolken’s report. Kiffin doesn’t want to be a head coach at a school that isn’t a power 5 school for very long. He’s just looking to get his foot back in the door, and he really could achieve that by accepting the offensive coordinator job at LSU and taking them to an elite level on that side of the ball. It would also give him the opportunity to prove himself away from the almighty Nick Saban.

Today we have confirmation of that!

Just remember folks, when one guy says something and stands by it and then multiple other prominent reporters question the validity of the report, it’s best to go with the other guys.