Johnny Manziel admits to being a complete douche

Johnny Manziel is once again “serious” about returning to football. Maybe he read our post to Lamar Jackson informing him to keep away from him because he’s a shit influence and not someone to strive to be like.

Anyway, here’s Manziel’s Twitter admission that he has been a complete douche.

So in summation, yes, Johnny, you have been a complete douche since you left Texas A&M and really during your senior season while there. You do not deserve a 4th chance at the NFL because there’s not one team that should trust your judgement. You’ve proven that you cannot tell your nose from your ass.

Just go spend all of your money on fancy watches and vacations. It’s really what you’re best at.

Oh, and your zipper drugs tat pretty much says all any NFL team needs to know about you.