Kirk Cousins says he won’t accept less money because it would be unfair to other quarterbacks

The Washington Redskins gambled that Kirk Cousins wouldn’t be that good of a quarterback and boy were they wrong.

It’s estimated that he could get “get $26.5+ mil per yr… $90 million guaranteed.”

Here’s what Cousins had to say about the situation via the Washington Post:

“Secondly, there are other quarterbacks that come after you, and it would be almost a selfish move to hurt future quarterbacks who get in position to have a contract. If you don’t take a deal that’s fair to you, then you’re also taking a deal that’s not fair to them, and you’re setting them back as well. So, there’s different reasons and you do the best you can. Frankly, once you sign the contract, there’s no law saying you can’t renegotiate. If you sign the deal and you end up coming away from two seasons saying, ‘Hey, not only did we not win, but I think the reason is that I’m taking too much,’ then you can always talk about changing that. But I don’t see a need to do that on the front end. If you can win football games and play well and play at a high level still making a fair number, then why do you need to predetermine that and go down? I think for all those reasons you want to find your value and then be able to play off that accordingly.”

Yeah, we don’t blame you Kirk, go make that money while you can!