Les Miles knows his way around Twitter, Subtweets top running back recruit

LSU Tigers head coach Les Miles

LSU head coach Les Miles is no stranger to the twitter world. Miles has sent out many memorable tweets over the last few years. Like the one below:

Les Miles tweets

Wednesday night Miles tweeted “#Geaux Buga Nation”. Which, if certain message boards are to be believed means “Baller Nation”. What’s the big deal? Well, there really isn’t one because Miles didn’t mention any recruit’s name. He didn’t mention a school. He really didn’t say anything at all. Hell, 98% of the people who read this tweet will wonder what the heck Miles is talking about.

The tweet is directed towards number 1 running back recruit Leonard Fournette. If you browse Fournette’s timeline you’ll see that he retweets “Buga Nation” a lot. Miles is just on top of the twitter game. Leonard Fournette RTs Les Miles Does this have anything to do with Laurence ‘Hootie’ Jones decommitting from Alabama on Wednesday? Maybe. LSU is on pace to have a pretty good class if they can reel in all the 5 star recruits that are rumored to be on their way to Baton Rouge.

Meanwhile in West Monroe, Cameron Robinson may be pointing out bigger things. He tweeted the following shortly after Fournette RT’d Miles.

I’ll end with this.

Les Miles