The Libya Rally looks freaking awesome!

This Libya Rally trailer looks freaking awesome! (repeat)

The Libya Rally is, since its creation in 2008, one of the fastest growing rallies/raids in the Sahara. As the name reveals, theorigins of this rally are in Libya, the country with the highest and most beautiful dunes of Northern Africa. As a result of the war in 2011 the Khadafi regime came to an end. Although the war is over now, it is still impossible to host a large international sports event in Libya, mainly due to the negative travel advise of many European Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

Because the Libya Rally had become so much more than racing between impressive sand seas and canyons, the organiser Gert Duson and his team decided to hold the event elsewhere … in excile. First came two editions in Tunisia and since 2013 the rally takes place in beautiful Morocco. The scenery might have changed slightly, but the other characteristics of the Libya Rally remain the same:

1) A budget affordable to everybody
2) A rally experience for every level of expertise
3) Belgian top-catering, never seen before in the rally-world
4) Perfect road books (from 2014 also available on a roll for motorbikers)
5) A high dose of fun, both during the stages as well as in the bivouak
6) A high degree of customer friendliness (an organiser who knows everybody by name)
7) Daily briefings in 4 different languages
8) and finally: a unique athmosphere where team spirit is as important as the highest place on the podium.

It is precisely these caracteristics that are at the base of the success of the Libya Rally and that are responsible for the ever increasing number of participants.

The race is currently taking place and while no one really cares who is winning when you put out a trailer like the one above you should get a little attention.

Libya rally