LSU holds on to Dave Aranda

LSU defensive coordinator Dave Aranda was approached by Texas A&M and offered rumored money up to $3 million dollars to join Jimbo Fisher’s new staff. This could have ended up being a huge problem for LSU head coach Ed Orgeron and an even bigger problem for AD Joe Alleva, who, we can all agree, took the easy road in hiring Ed.

On Wednesday, Orgeron met with Aranda and convinced him to stay. Of course that came with an increase in salary that bumped him up to $2.5 million per year which is more than most FBS head coaches make. Some LSU fans didn’t seem to understand the gravitas of the situation and were on board with letting Aranda jump ship to a division rival, but I’m here to tell you that would have only been good for one thing, in getting rid of Alleva. Losing Aranda would have killed the program. The offense was not great last season and ranked nearly 70th in the country. The offensive coordinator was hired by Ed O so when you look at that can you honestly say that you trust O to hire a defensive coordinator that is anywhere nearly as good as Aranda? I sure can’t.

Thankfully, Aranda has bigger aspirations than making a lateral move within the division/conference. It’s well-known that he wants to be a coach in the NFL and making a lateral move wouldn’t exactly be something that would help him in the push for a NFL DC gig.