LSU Loses CWS Final Opener 4-3 to Florida

LSU (52-19) came back from a 3-0 deficit to give Florida (51-19) a run for their money but eventually ended up losing 4-3 after the possible first pick in the 2018 MLB draft, Brady Singler threw a great game for Florida. Singler struck out 12, which is the most by in a CWS final.

The Tigers and Gators will play again tomorrow night and LSU will start Jared Poche instead of throwing together a mess of pitchers who may or may not be able to get the job done. For what it’s worth, Russell Reynolds, Nick Bush and Hunter Newman still pitched a great game in limiting the Gators to only 4 runs.

LSU is once again behind, and if they win will throw Lange on Wednesday against Florida’s Faedo who is pretty freaking good.

This catch was the play of the game for the Gators.