Maryland Slights ACC, Embraces Big Ten Expansion

Maryland B1G ACC

The University of Maryland’s fan base shows signs of accepting their move to the Big Ten in 2014. A company called Hell in a Shell INK is selling “Too B1G for the ACC” t-shirts at $15 a shirt and they are going fast. The company began selling these shirts on January 17th and Terapin fans are eating them up.

The Hell in a Shell site writes,

“As the University of Maryland moves on to bigger and better things, there comes a time when we have to accept that we won’t be booing the same teams we have all come to hate. While “DUKE SUCKS!” will still resound within our hearts, we must be willing to welcome these new rivals to some of the most frightening fans in the NCAA. It could be time to admit that we were just too big for the ACC.”

As of the creation of this article, the t-shirts are sold out. The website promises to have a new batch of t-shirts ready for shipment by Wednesday, January 30.

H/T Terps in the B1G