Michael Pineda was ejected for cheating with pine tar against the Red Sox

Yankee pitcher Michael Pineda is a cheater.

Pineda was caught with something on his hand the last time he pitched against the Boston Red Sox but Boston manager John Farrell chose not to protest the substance and Pineda was allowed to pitch.

Wednesday night didn’t go quite as well for Pineda. During the second inning, John Farrell headed out to talk to umpire Gerry Davis. Davis then proceeded to head out to the mound to check Pineda’s glove, hands, and then look him over. After feeling of the substance on Pineda’s neck, Davis ejected the cheating pitcher.

Hey, I’m all for using a little pine tar if it helps grip the ball in cold weather, but only after it’s been established as part of the rules. Until then, it’s cheating and is a foreign substance. Pineda is a repeat offender and should be suspended multiple games.

Pineda with pine tar all over his hand.

Michael Pineda pine tar

Michael PineMichael Pineda pine tarda

Pineda with pine tar on his neck.

Michael Pineda pine tar