Missouri Making a Move?

And we all know where they want to go.

Will Missouri be the next school to leave the BIG12 and head to the SEC? All signs point to yes. Today, the Missouri Board of Curators Delegates, whatever that is, to the Chancellor granted  Chancellor Brady Deaton the authority to move the school out of the BIG12 if he decides it’s in the school’s best interest. Deaton said that Missouri has provided information to the SEC, does that mean they applied? Probably, but I guess that won’t be news until next week or whenever that information is released. Deaton also stated that the move would be quickly and would be in place before the 2012 football season begins. Meaning that the SEC would need to restructure the newly formed 14 team conference to accommodate the addition of both Texas A&M and Missouri.

The BIG12 released a statement through it’s website:

“We look forward to discussing Missouri’s future with the Big 12 Conference,” said interim commissioner Chuck Neinas. “The school has been involved with the Big 12 and its predecessor conferences since 1907. It is propitious that the Big 12 Board of Directors has a regularly scheduled meeting on Monday. Obviously, Conference membership will be thoroughly discussed at that time.” LINK

After reading the statement above, Neinas doesn’t exactly seem confident, and I don’t expect him to be, that Missouri will remain in the BIG12. This would knock the BIG12 down to 9 teams again after the addition of TCU brought them back to 10. The BIG12 will have lost 2 teams to the SEC in one season.

What’s next for the BIG12? Well there are several teams on the radar for the BIG12, the latest rumors include Louisville, West Virginia, and BYU.

Personally, we think that West Virginia would jump at the chance to join a conference other than the Big East. They’ve been hoping for an SEC invite, but that does not seem to be on the table.