Nick Saban on media reaction to Lane Kiffin’s visit to Alabama: “I’m really quite surprised”

Nick Saban and Lane Kiffin
Nick Saban is short. That is all.

Nick Saban brought in Lane Kiffin to “brainstorm a little bit” about the Tide’s offense. Apparently Saban can’t figure out why the media and fans alike would react negatively to Lane’s appearance at Alabama.

“There’s only a few people out there that you have an opportunity to do it with,” Nick Saban said Tuesday. “Lane is a really good offensive coach and I have a tremendous amount of respect for him.

“Just to come in and brainstorm a little bit, get some professional ideas with our guys, is a real positive thing, so I don’t know why there’s any reaction to it to be honest with you. I’m really quite surprised.”

I’ll sum it up for you Nick. Lane Kiffin has been fired from 2 head coaching jobs and left 1 job in your own conference. Kiffin may be a “good offensive coach”, but he is no longer respected by the media or fans. To say that you don’t understand the reaction is almost like saying that Texas isn’t the best coaching job in the country. A LIE!

Even the Alabama players were shocked to see Kiffin in their meeting room.

Alabama senior wide receiver Kevin Norwood said “everybody was shocked” when the offensive players arrived and saw Kiffin in the meeting room.

What did we learn from this? Nick Saban is still a pretty good liar and Lane Kiffin will have a job soon.