Porsche will stop selling GT3’s due to the potential of a “Firery Death”

Porsche 911 GT3 on fire

Apparently Porsche 911 GT3s have been “suddenly bursting into flames”.

The latest GT3 in question was spending some on the road, as most cars do, when the owner noticed the low oil pressure warning. Then noises, smells and finally smoke. The 911 then proceeded to burst into flames and was destroyed.

This is the 5th incident of self-immolating GT3s in Europe and AoO is reporting a full dealer stop-sale for the time being. Now, the stop sale is not officially confirmed, and Porsche has yet to issue any kind of recall, but we are keeping our ears open.

According to Jalopnik, there’s no need in risking a drive in your GT3 until Porsche officially releases a statement regarding the issues. This is the 5th incident reported of a GT3 catching on fire.