Recruit Davin Bellamy caught with bong in picture thanks to college girls

Davin Bellamy tweeted a photo of himself and two other prospects with four girls in a room while he was visiting Oregon. According to Bellamy, he didn’t realize that there was a bong in the room on the table in front of him when the picture was taken.

Davin Bellamy with bong in picture at Oregon

Bellamy told the AJC that he didn’t realize the bong was there.

 “We were leaving some apartments, and a couple of girls wanted to take a picture with us. So we were in their room for like 30 seconds. I didn’t even know the (bong) as in the picture. After I tweeted out (the picture), I started getting all kinds of text messages. Then I looked closely at the picture, and I was like ‘What?’ I deleted the picture, but it was already out there.”  Bellamy said the picture was discussed with Oregon’s coaches before he left campus on Sunday morning.

“I told them the story, and that none of the football players had anything to do with it. It as just some girls I was taking pictures with. I guess the girls were using it before we got there. It was just there on the table. It is what it is.”

This isn’t the first time college girls have gotten a recruit into a little bit of trouble and it definitely won’t be the last.