Recruiting tactics shift to daycare and babysitters

Reuben Foster and daughter

Reuben Foster, the recruit that committed to Auburn while Gene Chizik and Trooper Taylor were there and got a tattoo to show his commitment and then de-committed after Gus Malzahn was hired, has expressed that a school with a good daycare and babysitting program could influence his decision.

Foster is the number 1 rated linebacker in the country and has a 3-year-old daughter.

“The school I pick has to have a good daycare program and good babysitters in case she wants to spend the night with me and I have football,” Foster told ESPN. “The coaches have to have a good bond with her too. My little girl has to like them and she knows who she likes. She likes Auburn — and she likes Alabama. Those are the only two schools she likes, but she has not seen Georgia yet but I plan to take her there to see them too.” [$ ESPN Insider $]

Foster is likely to choose between Georgia, Auburn, Alabama, LSU, Miami, Washington, and South Carolina.

If it’s worth anything, Foster’s daughter doesn’t appear to be too happy with the Auburn pick in the picture above so it may be even more safe to say that the Tigers are probably out of the running.

The days of learning center’s for athlete use only may be going by the wayside as learning center’s for athletes kids move to the forefront.