Rutgers Scarlet Knights vs Iowa State Cyclones – Pinstripe Bowl

Rutgers (8-4) vs Iowa State (6-6)

I think the story here is about Iowa State. A team that pretty much had no hopes of winning anything at all within the Big 12, Iowa State upset the landscape of college football with their OT win over Oklahoma State. But that wasn’t all they did, they also “upset”, then ranked 20th, Texas Tech after Tech had just upset Oklahoma. With that win over Oklahoma State, the Cyclones kept the Cowboys out of the BCS Title game. The rest of Iowa State’s schedule looks like a billboard for abused children.

With losses to #17 Texas, #25 Baylor, #17 Texas A&M, #9 Oklahoma, #11 Kansas State, it’s easy to say that Iowa State’s schedule was no cake walk (rated #2 most difficult schedule by Sagarin).

After that schedule, it’s amazing that the Cyclones can still field a team. Brutal.

Rutgers has faced the total opposite, facing only one ranked team all season, #25 West Virginia, and losing 41-31. The rest of Rutgers schedule is kind of pathetic. Their four losses came to North Carolina, Louisville, WVU, and Connecticut. All of those teams are in bowls except for Connecticut, which isn’t saying much but more like me struggling for content.

Rutgers did have a shot at an automatic BCS bid heading into the UConn game, but flubbed and ended up losing the Big East to West Virginia.

The best story for Rutgers has been Eric LeGrande, who led the team out onto the field for the West Virginia game, which was voted SI’s Best Moment of 2011. Now that’s not to take away from the football team and their 8 wins, but it’s just what we need to focus on.

LeGrande has been an inspiration for Rutgers and fans everywhere. The kid has a great heart and it’s awesome to see the Rutgers football program embracing him as a part of their family. He will always have a spot in their program and that is awesome! Respect!

Not having much in-site into the Rutgers program, I’m not sure who the starting QB is going to be. Both Gary Nova and Chas Dodd have putt up respectable numbers this season and seem like equals on the field.

Key Players:

For Rutgers, wideout Mohamed Sanu is going to be a big part of their success in this game. I’m guessing that Rutgers will go with a two QB system in this game, and finish with who ever has the hot hand.

Iowa State’s chances rely with QB Jared Barnett. Barnett took over the job after the Baylor loss mid-way through the season.


Why not have a prediction between a team that faced no one and a team that faced everyone, because that’s easy to do. I’m going to have to go with the Cyclones. I feel that they’ve proved they can withstand a tough season and I’ll give Coach Rhoads the upper hand over the fighting Schiano’s, who haven’t lost a bowl game in 4 years.

Iowa State 35 – Rutgers 17


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