Some Oregon boosters hoping Kelly leaves for NFL

Oregon Ducks head coach Chip Kelly

Oregon Ducks head coach Chip Kelly has an overall record of 47 – 5 and 3 Pac 10 championships to his name, but that’s not enough for some Duck boosters.

Kelly, who isn’t known as a very fan friendly coach while out doing all the fundraising that’s required of him, has rubbed some people the wrong way in his 4 years as head coach of the Ducks. Kelly would prefer to be in the office studying film or preparing for the next week instead of meeting and greeting the fans.

Now some boosters are hoping he jumps to the NFL.

A number of substantial Oregon football boosters, many of whom requested anonymity, expressed a widespread annoyance with Kelly. The coach with the highest winning percentage (45-7, 86.5 percent) among BCS conference coaches is at odds with many of those closest to the Oregon program.

Although most would agree Kelly is an extraordinary coach, he doesn’t care much for the many other obligations that come with his job. “Some of the college boosters have gone as far as to say, ‘I hope he does leave so we can get somebody who appreciates the fans,’” says Jack Roberts, a former Oregon labor commissioner and Oregon alumnus.

Be careful what you wish for Ducks. If Kelly were to leave for the NFL, there’s never any guarantee that the next coach will be fan friendly, enjoy the fundraising aspect of being a college football head coach, or win.

Kelly was very close to accepting the Tampa Bay job before backing out at the last-minute last season. He’ll likely jump at the next chance he gets.

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