Steve Spurrier is not happy

Well, I guess after allowing Stephen Garcia to come back to the team for the 1 millionth time just kind of pushed him over the edge. Spurrier believed, as all coaches do, that the quarterback with the most playing time is generally the best option to start and therefore Spurrier brought Garcia back this season. That didn’t work out so well for Steve. Garcia has had an interception prone season (61/118, 9INTs, 4TDs) and his backup, Connor Shaw has not (30/50, no INTs, 4TDs). Garcia apparently failed a drug test, big surprise. He’s had a well documented problem with alcohol.

The best part about Spurrier’s press conference today was that he refused to begin while columnist Ron Morris was in the room. Morris wrote an article on the South Carolina offense after the Kentucky game that didn’t sit well with the Ole Ball Coach. LINK

So Spurrier didn’t start until after he had given one on one TV interviews and Morris was gone from the press room.

He may have been mad about the accusations that he poached Bruce Ellington from the South Carolina basketball team. LINK

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