TCU to the Big XII

Finally something that makes sense in the conference expansion, or in this case team replacement, saga happens that MAKES SENSE. TCU is an obvious fit for the Big XII, and while there are people out there that may say that because TCU has just recently risen to the spotlight, who is to say that they will not stay there? Adding Big XII money to the mix will only help TCU, along with the fact that they will now be able to say, “hey, come play for us, you get to be just outside of big D and you get to play Texas and Oklahoma every year”. I mean what kid wouldn’t want that, that is if they aren’t being recruited by Texas or Oklahoma?

By joining the Big XII, TCU will now avoid ridiculous road trips to the East coast, where everyone can say that they really didn’t fit in. Granted, it would have been nice to see West Virginia with a little competition, but I guess that’ll have to wait until Boise, which makes even less sense, joins the Big East, but that’s another story.

TCU will instantly become a little richer, now dipping directly into the UT $$$ that they’ve been dying to get to for a while now, and they’ll enjoy it!

Congrats to the Horned Frogs on finally achieving their goal of being a member of the Big XII, now they need to hope that the league isn’t ravaged again by other conferences.

And a TCU hype video for those that are interested