The New Kansas Jayhawks Coach: Charlie Weis

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After being linked to several coaches, KU pulled off the biggest surprise signing of the college football coaching carouse. Even UF coach Will Muschamp had no idea that Weis was considering a move away from Gainesville. While the question of who would be KU’s football coach has been answered, the hire will now generate more questions than KU football has ever faced.

When leaving the Kansas City area 11 months ago after a stint with the Kansas City Chiefs, Charlie Weis stated spending more time with his family as the reason. The reason didn’t make sense then and doesn’t make sense now. Coaching in college is a year round occupation. The calendar year starts with bowls, goes into recruiting, spring practice, signings, summer camps, preseason preparation, and ends with the regular season. Coaches burn the candle from both ends. Is Coach Weis ready?

KU fired a head strong overweight abrasive coach in Mark Mangino and hired an all around good guy Turner Gill. For the KU fans clamoring for the return of a Mangino-like coach, this is the perfect hire. Coach Weis is seen as a QB guru who pushes a high octane offense, but he does this in his own way. Coach Weis’s track record is a man who doesn’t want to report to anyone. When he chose to have gastric bypass surgery, he didn’t inform his employer, the New England Patriots. Matter of fact, he’s on record that he only told Tom Brady and his wife. He refused to listen to his two doctors’ recommendation of a 6 week pre-op program before the surgery. He refused to accept accountability for his actions when he filed a (failed) lawsuit against his doctors. He gave a fluff excuse for leaving Kansas City without addressing questions about his relationship with Todd Haley. He abandoned the Florida ship without giving Will Muschamp a warning. Allegedly, Coach Weis was abrasive in his dealings with the South Bend community and boosters. Is this the right man to helm the KU program that often struggled with Coach Mangino’s abrasiveness and dominating personality?

Notre Dame was successful in Coach Weis’s first two seasons with Tyrone Willingham’s recruits and against a soft schedule. Both seasons ended being beaten by college powerhouses Ohio State and LSU in bowl games. The wheels fell off soon after. KU and Jayhawk nation want the program to be built up. Without a doubt, Coach Weis is a huge name, but is he even a good college football head coach? Is Coach Weis the right man for the job of program building?

KU’s biggest problem last year was the defense. The hiring of Coach Weis doesn’t address that problem. While Coach Gill didn’t leave the cupboard entirely bare, KU doesn’t have the quarterback the quality of Brady Quinn waiting for Coach Weis’s arrival. Is early success even possible?

While the administration’s ambition is laudable, this is a dangerous hire for the current KU administration. Because there is no controlling Coach Weis, there is no recourse to fix any problems along the way. The administration and Jayhawk nation will have to be prepared for all these questions to be answered… good or bad.