There was no wolf in Kate Hansen’s hotel, Jimmy Kimmel pranked us all

Remember this video we posted earlier?

Well its a fake. Apparently Jimmy Kimmel staged the whole thing with U.S. Olympic luger, and dancing sensation, Kate Hansen.

Inside Edition is reporting that they got confirmation of the video from Sandy Caligiore, a publicist for the US Luge Association.

You can catch Hansen at 11:35 tonight on WFTV-Channel 9. Hansen plans to Skype with the late-night shost, Caligiore said.

Hansen’s video became a sensation after she posted it on social media with the title “Epic#SochiFail: Wolf in my hall.”

And this is the reason no one likes Jimmy Kimmel’s show. Seriously, what are the ratings for that show? I watched the first 2 when he was drunk and the rest have been pretty terrible.

[via DS]