Thursday Throwback: Hurricane Isaac

There was a time when I would have watched the Hurricane Isaac coverage and been in awe of Jim Cantore, now I watch it and I think to myself that this guy is the biggest idiot I’ve ever seen. Trying to turn a broken twig into a big deal just made The Weather Channel’s coverage seem that much worse.

College Football

Missouri fans made an “SEC Bound” video – Throw The Flag

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MSU booster emerges as focus of NCAA probe – Daily Journal

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Other Sports

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Redskins give RG3 the night off vs. Bucs, but does this make sense? – Shutdown Corner

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The Rest and Chicks

Looks like I’ll be getting quite a bit of money for my phone!
Apple offers up to $345 for used iPhones ahead of iPhone 5 launch – Boy Genius Report

The Funniest Pictures Found on Google Street View – Gizmodo

65 and up you should have to retake a driving test every 2/3 years
A 100-Year-Old Man Hit Nine Children With His Car In LA – Jalopnik

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[NSFW] Lawless Official Red Band Trailer 100% AWESOME!!!

Now this is a barbeque

Miranda Kerr