Tom Hardy as James Bond in a Christopher Nolan directed film? YES PLEASE!

Daniel Craig doesn’t want to be James Bond and he made that quite clear, but the next guy up is a great actor and we’re pretty sure he’ll be one of the best Bond’s ever.

Enter Tom Hardy!

“You know, there’s a saying amongst us in the fraternity of acting, and in the fellowship of my peer group, that if you talk about it you’re automatically out of the race,” he explained. “So I can’t possibly comment on that one! If I mention it, it’s gone.”

Hardy also mentioned it would be cool if Christopher Nolan directed the next movie.

“I wonder what the next installment of that franchise would become, and I think when you mention someone like Christopher Nolan, that’s a very powerful figure to bring into that world who could bring something new and create something profound—again.”

We can tell you what it would be like, Tom. Dark and perfect.

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