Tommy Tuberville’s move to Cincinnati is pretty perplexing

Cincinnati Bearcats head coach Tommy Tuberville

Tommy Tuberville has left his job in the Big 12 at Texas Tech for a job in the crumbling Big East at Cincinnati.

It’s just as perplexing as it sounds.

Tuberville’s leaving Texas Tech before a bowl game proves that he was probably never comfortable at Tech.

Cincy AD Whit Babcock introduced Tuberville as Butch Jones’ replacement on Saturday.

“I’m very proud to welcome Tommy, Suzanne, Tucker and Troy into our Bearcats family,” Babcock said in a release. “Coach Tuberville’s record speaks for itself over the past 17 seasons. It also speaks volumes to the visibility and leadership of our University that we were able to attract such an accomplished coach to lead our program into the future.”

And while Tuberville stated that he was perfectly satisfied in Lubbock, that’s obviously not the case or he wouldn’t have left.

“I was perfectly satisfied,” Tuberville said. “I had a great home in Lubbock, Texas. The people of west Texas are great people, they love football. Our football team played hard. … But there was something when Whit called that I thought, ‘You know? Let me think about this.'”

The move could be used as speculation that Babcock and the Bearcats may have plans to leave the Big East in the future and used that as leverage to bring in Tuberville before making the jump to a larger conference.

Below is video of Cincinnati Director of New Media and Broadcasting Tom Gelehter introducing Tuberville to the Bearcat fans.