Watch this 6th grader hit a half-court buzzer-beater

Matt Record is a sixth grader in Manchester, NY. During a charity tournament his team, the Lyons, beat the Red Jacket in the championship game and Record hit a half-court halftime buzzer beater.

It’s pretty sweet.

Hoops For Hope Charity Tournament Puts together a fund raiser tournament each year and raises money for various charities like Golisano Children’s Hospital and Wilmot Cancer Pediatric Center. They have raised $22,000 for charity the last 9 years and is run by a small team of people out of Manchester NY. Here is this years Grade 6 Championship 2014 Red Jacket Vs Lyons Buzzer Beater
#7 Matt Record (grade 6) taking an amazing shot before the half. Thank you Lyons for your support and sportsmanship in this event. You might want to turn down your sound a bit. My vocal chords went to 11. The Red Jacket Boys are the 2nd team to win the Championship game in 9 years,48-32.
On March 3rd, 2014. At Red Jacket High School in Manchester . Some of the boys also played on the short handed 7th grade team and had played 5 games that day. This was at 9pm Saturday evening.

“This is the 9th consecutive year Red Jacket Junior Hoops has hosted our charitable tournament event which has averaged 800-900 in total attendance. Thanks to a great team effort with all involved, our tournament events have yielded a little over $22,000.00 in charitable donations since 2006. We appreciate your consideration for this worthwhile event”

sixth grader buzzer-beater

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