Wednesday Wishbone: Remember when JLH was fat?

Not so much anymore.

Football Links

Tennessee had some trouble with it’s electronic box score | Throw The Flag [more gold]

Minnesota Golden Gophers given the okay to serve hooch at football games | The Victory Formation

SEC Dominating in Football, as Academics Get Reamed by Budget Cuts | The Big Lead

The insane new Oregon Ducks football locker room video | It’s Always Sunny in Detroit

West Virginia Looks Happy to be in Big 12 | TurfBurner

Not Football

Chuck Grassley: Colombian prostitutes or Russian spies? | Politico

Rich Bros’ “Ragematch” At Elite Athletic Club Leads To Arrests, Shame | Deadspin

‘the Hobbit’ might look a little too good | WWTDD

The 20 Awesomest Action Sequence Photographs | Heavy

Google Drive Is Live With 5GB Of Free Storage And Google Docs Hookup | TechCrunch

The cost of financial illiteracy | USA Today

2 more grabs of JLH after the break NSFWish