West Virginia alternate grey jerseys and a billboard

West Virginia will apparently be wearing some, less than appealing, grey jerseys for a few games next season.

I don’t know about you guys, but man, these are NOT GOOD!

Of all the color schemes available to West Virginia, grey?

How about an all black jersey? That would pretty sweet and would match Holgo’s sideline look.

West Virginia alternate grey jerseys

via @PatBlackWV

These are much better.

West Virginia Pro Combat

This billboard was spotted on I-79.

WVU billboard

WVU spokeswoman Becky Lofstead said WVU advertises on billboards, one on I-79 and the other on I-68, to use as recruitment marketing. The Orange Bowl message is on both of those boards.

The school spends about $14,000 a year on the billboards, Lofstead said. It is likely the new ones will be displayed for six months.

The billboard is seen just after entering West Virginia from the north.

via Dominion Post