West Virginia Mountaineer mascot shoots bear with musket

This is senior West Virginia student Jonathan Kimble, who was recently named the new mascot for the school, shooting a black bear in a tree with a musket.

West Virginia Mountaineers mascot Jonathan Kimble killed a bearHe is the 62nd mountaineer to don the coonskin cap and carry the musket on the sidelines for the school.

“Jonathan embodies a lot of the qualities and characteristics of the Mountaineer. He is passionate, charismatic and proud of our school and state heritage,” said Ross Werner, chair of the Mountaineer Mascot selection committee. “He is a very enthusiastic individual who can motivate a crowd with ease. He will be a great advocate for our school, and I know he will represent the Mountaineer Nation with enthusiasm, pride and class.”

This is how it’s done in West Virginia.

Now if only the Mountaineers played Ole Miss in 2013.

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